Park and Botanic Garden

The centuries-old park in which San Maurizio is immersed is located on the top of the hill, surmounted by a magnificent specimen of cedar of Lebanon, and enjoys a special microclimate that makes hundred-year-old fir trees, larches and majestic beech trees coexist with local elms. The luxuriant protection that surrounds the monastery has in its interior a heart dedicated to the care of the medicinal garden and the organic vegetable garden, a precious legacy of the monks. These two oases of authenticity are a source of inspiration for the eco-compatible philosophy of our kitchen and raw materials based on the recipes we can find in our menus, in detoxifying herbal teas and in our San Maurizio 1619 Skinfood® line. Perpetuate the rigor of nature and guarantee the ingredients that have not been subjected to interpolation: this is our mission. From the earth to the table: the only truly "green therapy".